Long before a disease has progressed far enough for western medicine to diagnose it, there are signs that something is wrong. They hover in the background , affecting our quality of life and giving us the

nagging feeling that all is not right with our world.   Claudia Welch    


Do not delay...start your path to wellness!

Femme dans la nature

Good health begins in the mind, thoughts and emotions.

Our body is an expression of our mind, thoughts and emotions.

The body embraces what the mind projects...


Small steps lead to big change...

It is not what you know that counts...

It is what you apply...


Welcome to my website!

My own journey has been the motivation for my work. Having physical and emotional health is critical for evolution and growth.

My intention is to support  you, using a well balanced whole food, plant based approach to healing. Finding the right foods and supplements  if needed, to support your body and mind, also suggesting simple restorative and energizing techniques such as yoga, meditation and aromatherapy to support and promote optimal hormonal health and happiness!

Over the years i developed a gluten related disorder. My immune system, digestive system and overall health and wellness were negatively affected. This led me to further explore nutrition, gut health, hormonal health, autoimmune diseases, the nervous system and the connection between them all...

In the process of healing, knowing the cause of your condition is half the battle. The next step is learning how to make it better.   Anthony William


It is important to realize that we have the power to reverse things for the better by making

the right choices in our diet and lifestyle! Things may have to change and it may be difficult...

but there is great joy when we can find more ease and wellness as a result. It is all about

perception and adaptation to a new way of life.


My focus and specialties are :

  • Aromatherapy to support body and mind

  • Plant-based GF nutrition and hormone health            

  • Yoga & meditation                                               

My guidance can help you support your...

Hormone Health

Hormones affect every tissues and organs in the body. The endocrine system is a collection of endocrine glands that produce hormones used as chemical messengers to help regulate vital processes including metabolism, growth, sleep and reproduction. To support and balance your hormone health you need proper nourishment on and off the plate.

& Allergies

Gut health is crucial to maintain a healthy and strong immune system and digestive system. Elimination diets are used to identify and remove inflammatory foods. A gut healing protocol, including a lymphatic cleanse are used as well to address inflammation or symptoms of an allergic reaction such as skin rashes, sinus congestion, headache, gastrointestinal distress... Juicing is a wonderful tool.


Detoxification is a vital process in order to thrive and remain healthy, the liver is the major organ for detoxifying. In order to balance our hormones we need to reduce our toxic load and support our liver. Other pathways such as the intestines, the kidneys, the skin, the lungs and the lymphatic system also need our attention. In addition cleansing the mind from mental toxicity is also part of the process.

immune system 

The purpose of digestion is to get nutrients to each cell in the body for optimal functioning and then remove the waste products. Digestion and gut health must be supported through a healthy diet and lifestyle. In short, we have to feed the good bacteria and not the bad ones.

A state of no inflammation is the goal we are working toward. When you have low inflammation in your body, your immune system is at rest. It is calm, strong, responsive and ready to do its work. A clogged lymphatic system and a poor gut health limit immune functions and should be addressed.


Stress strongly impacts the body and the brain as well. Supporting your adrenals is very important to help manage stress and the physical and emotional challenges of daily life. Yoga, meditation, a plant based diet, adaptogens and aromatherapy are useful tools to reduce stress.

It is beneficial to eat organic, plant-based and avoid gluten.


Homeostatsis and cellular integrity is the foundation of health.

Loss of homeostasis and cellular integrity is the root cause of disease.

When cells are damaged by toxins, oxygen starvation, malnutrition, trauma : 

cells lose potassium, cells accept sodium, cells swell with water, loss of cellular energy production -ATP


A healthy cell membrane is important for hormone receptors, neurotransmitters and all kinds of signaling                                                                                                                                                                     ( gerson.org )

What can damage your cells?   

  • glucose (added sugar)

  • excess sodium, protein and fat                                                          

  • gluten

  • free radical-generating substances : fried foods, alcohol,                                                                                     tobacco, pesticides, air polluants...any source of toxins

  • chronic inflammation 

  • stress, negative behavior, emotions or thoughts...


What can you do to maintain cellular integrity?  

  • provide oxygen, water and good nutrition to your cells

  • anti-inflammatory diet, fresh juices to provide nutrients,                                                                                       enzymes and oxygen 

  • antioxydants : carotenoids, vit. E, vit. C... 

  • low sugar, low sodium diet

  • avoid gluten

  • engage in activities to support your parasympathetic

       nervous system  ; walk in nature, massage, yoga,                                                                                                          meditation, reading, writing, conversing, prayer...

       ( to activate the healer within :) 

  • good use of supplements and essential oils  

The different stages in the evolution of diseases :  

  1. enervation 

  2. toxaemia 

  3. irritation

  4. inflammation

  5. ulceration 

  6. induration 

  7. tumor formation

  8. cancerization


When your cells are damaged, your immune system is affected in different ways and can't function optimally.    It takes hard work to restore damaged cells-tissues-organs-systems, prevention is key!                

The good news is ; there is a path...a way of doing things differently, available to improve one's condition ...and allow more ease and joy. 

                                    Have a look at my own personal daily routine. Love,   Genevieve

The importance of a healthy digestive system : 

  • In order for our intake to be properly digested to the end products and all waste eliminated,         all toxins and poisons must be eliminated

  • The inability to heal is caused by : loss of mineral balances, poisoning of essential organs due to toxicity, parasites, incomplete digestion and elimination

  • Deficient and toxic food leads to a weak digestive system

  • Toxins + pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi) = inflammation 

  • Chronic inflammation leads to disease            


To keep yourself more balanced and healthy  :

  • exercise on a daily basis, yoga is wonderful

  • meditate each morning

  • organize your time and your environment

  • drink enough purified water 

  • eat a whole food plant-based diet

  • do what you love!

  • socialize with the right people for you

  • & get enough restorative sleep

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