A very helpful way to address autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses is to learn how to decrease inflammation and rest your immune system in order to reduce the need for its activation and therefore increase your quality of life :


                                      Through proper detoxification, diet & lifestyle.

My Approach... 

I use the body's innate ability to rebalance with the support of aromatherapy,

natural remedies, yoga, meditation and an all natural, whole food plant-based

diet to avoid chronic inflammation, nutrient deficiency and toxicity. 

...Using my own condition to learn and grow, i found the power i had through my simple actions to help my body function optimally and keep inflammation at a low level. I discovered  how to rest my immune system, and reduce the need for it's activation.

Changing my diet was the first big step, eliminating the big offenders such as wheat (gluten), corn, sugar, dairy and a few others and then rebalancing through whole food, plant based nutrition. Reducing my exposure to toxins, and adding  supplements to my diet to stabilize,  cleanse and fortify my body. In addition to, using simple spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation to help with the inside and outside stressors and to keep me balanced.

My tools are :  


  • short health history  

  • balanced whole food, plant based nutrition 

  • natural remedies 

  • easy and simple detox practices 

  • simple restorative and energizing  techniques: such as yoga & meditation  

  • active listening

  • aromatherapy  

  • and more refined tools as well                    such as journaling...

My role is not to diagnose, treat or take responsibility for bringing about wellness

changes in a client's life; rather share, teach, guide and support. 

I am a naturopath member of the A.N.P.Q. ,  association des naturopathes professionnels du Québec and a certified integrative nutrition

health coach. I am also specialized in :

                   - Hormone health

                   - Aromatherapy   

                   - Gluten-free lifestyle 


I am a certified yoga teacher with 15 years of experience as a practitioner of both yoga and meditation.



My role is to listen and share some of my best tools to help you reduce the stress on your immune system, improve your vitality and maintain a sense of wellness.                   Knowledge is power!

 I can guide, share, teach & suggest :

  1. diet and lifestyle modifications

  2. supplementation and natural remedies

  3. essential oil blends and butters to support your body and mind. 

To promote :

  • hormone health

  • digestion/gut health 

  • detoxification

  • elimination

  • wellness

  • stress reduction

  • sleep

  • and much more

Please take note :

In my approach to wellness i prioritize optimal nutrition and simple hormonal health practices, supplements are used with care. Supplements in different forms are an important part of my own

daily routine and practice, but they should not replace proper nourishment on and off the plate,

rather support your efforts in achieving optimal health.

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Contact Me

For any questions you may have or to find out how i can better support you online via zoom/jitsi

or by phone. Aromatherapy  -  Plant-based GF nutrition & hormone health  -  Yoga & meditation.

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