A daily routine

 Please take note : Only gluten free & organic products are used.

1- Morning drink 

Morning routine : on empty stomach

Before juicing, my favorite options :

  • chlorophyll and water 


  • in a high speed blender : 16 oz of warm   water, a slice of lemon, a slice of fresh     ginger, and a slice of fresh tumeric root

  *Blend well and pass through a strainer.

    I often drink this at night after dinner               or in the middle of the day also.

  • 16 oz of warm water with juice of               1/2 a lemon  

  • tea: nettle leaf, milk thistle, raspberry leaf, dandelion, lemon balm or turmeric latte.

I drink enough water during the day...sipping here and there.

2- Juicing

Morning routine : 


30 minutes or more after morning drink

Very helpful, celery juice as herbal                 medecine!

  •  16-24 oz of fresh celery juice                      ( 1-1 1/2  whole celery bunch )

  •  right after juicing celery, i juice                  carrots for the day : 

        carrot or/  carrot-green apple juice or             another celery juice with other greens

        ( fresh ginger & turmeric root to taste)

        *2 Lbs of carrots and one green apple,           good for two 8 oz for lunch and dinner

         I keep it simple! 

         Interesting book :

         Celery juice from from Anthony William

3- Meditation & Yoga

Morning routine :


After morning drink...

  • Meditation practice : sitting meditation

  • Yoga practice : i use a chair, the wall and                           some yoga props 

I open & breath,

I listen,

I rest, release,

And I feel...


Link: books/props, seaoftranquilityyoga.com

4- Essential oils

Morning routine : Before meditation

  • in a diffuser i choose 3 oils for the day


Respecting safety considerations,

i incorporate essential oils in many different ways :

  • steam inhalation 

  • therapeutic blends to support my body   and mind


  • some methods of use: inhaler, body         butters, bath salts, diffuser blends, soap, cleaning products...

My life has been deeply transformed by the use of essential oils. They have a tremendous healing potential...i enjoy supporting my body and mind with them.

5- Natural remedies

Morning routine : After breakfast

I take a few vitamins and minerals : Ester-C, D3, B12, probiotics, calcium &

magnesium 2:1, flax/Udo oil (B complex, zinc and iron occasionally).

I also incorporate natural remedies in different ways throughout the day :

  • garlic, onion & spices (cinnamon...)  

  • fresh ginger root      

  • aloe vera juice          

  • chlorella powder      

  • fresh turmeric root or powder

  • chlorophyll           

  • spirulina powder or capsule

  • amla berry powder

  • raw maca powder (yellow, red, black)

  • moringa powder

   I use in my meals, smoothie, yogurt,        water...  

6- My first meal

Morning routine : 30 mins or more after celery juice   Very grounding!

Smoothie Bowl : my favorite recipe 

In a high speed blender ( Nutribullet )

  • 1/2 banana & 1/2 avocado

  • 2-3  big kale leaves

  • juice of a 1/2 lemon

  • almond / coconut  milk  

  • 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds

  • 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

  • 1 tsp chia seeds

  • 1 tsp flax seeds

  • 1/4 tsp chlorella powder

  • 1/4 tsp amla berry powder

  • 1/4 tsp morninga powder

  • 1/2 tsp raw maca

       (yellow, red and black)

   *Blend well and serve with fresh                berries, shredded unsweetened              coconut. Enjoy!

7- Daily walk

I enjoy a walk outdoors two times per day if possible...

Strenuous exercice do not support me well.


On the other hand, a walk is all i need to feel refreshed and energized. I love the feeling of the fresh air filling my lungs and the quiet rhythm of a mindful walk.

I also enjoy spending time with my kids doing outdoor activities or playing.

8- Working

What is work?   My definition...

Work is a way to serve in some ways.


The critical thing is to find balance between the work i enjoy more and

the work i enjoy less.

That said, what i do for work and how i physically work is important. For example the way i sit at my desk, massage roller under my feet, having some time away from the computer to interact and connect...it is essential. When i work i also serve myself...the more satisfied i am about my contribution the more nourishing it is  for me! 

9- Meals

I love to keep it simple...

All my meals even breakfast have a considerable amount of vegetables. There is a tremendous healing power house in fruits and vegetables. When i prepare a meal i ask myself :

  • what are the 2-3 vegetables of the day ?

  • how will i prepare them...steamed, raw ? 

  • what will the protein be ?

  • will i use any grains or replace them, using squash, sweet potatoes...? 

  • how much time do i have to prepare it ?

* When consumed, my beans, grains and          nuts are soaked, sprouted for better                nutrient absorption and digestion. 

   I consume no gluten and avoid sugar, salt,      grains, dairy and eggs.

Vegan healing broth daily, very helpful!

10- Connection                  & creativity

Connecting at a deeper level...

The way i connect and engage with the individuals around me reflect what is going on inside of me...

If i nurture my relationships with others, there is a greater chance that my immunity and general health will be enhanced. Meditation supports me well in this perspective.

Through art and creativity, i open my mind and transform myself into a more joyful person. It is very nourishing to be able to express myself in this way. Painting, drawing... are good tools to connect with my children. It is always a happy time!

11- Bedtime

To have the best night sleep:

I need my bedtime routine...

  • a walk after dinner or just before bed       time is great if i can allow myself

  • aloe vera juice in a glass of water with my probiotics

  • a good oral care routine

  • a quiet time to connect with my children

  • when my children are in bed, reading or   studying is my favorite thing  

  • a herbal tea 

  • a hot bath is luxury, but i try 1x a week

  • I use aromatherapy in different ways,        usually my inhaler and a therapeutic         blend  if i need support. 

12- Self love...

When I want to feel connected with my own experience of life...I need :




There is ups and downs on the path...but i always learn something no matter what the outcome is. I may have to do things differently for different reasons in a few months or weeks or even days and it is ok. 

 Keeping an open mind makes it easier and more pleasant.

If you communicate directly and take actions prompted by your inner guidance, you won't need the body to express the words or actions your soul is calling you to speak or do.

Your body speaks in physical conditions what your mouth is not saying with words.   A course in miracles

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